I'm a visual artist exploring digital collage as a medium with focus on the details.
Occasionally animating.
Working internationally from Zagreb, Croatia. 

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We had a wonderful experience working with Sanda. She had a clear artistic vision but was always open to feedback and suggestions. Her deliveries were prompt and polished and always accompanied by clear summaries or explanations. I would highly recommend her for any design project.
- Pete Hunt, Strategist at Beutler Ink

Some features:
Creators Project (2) / ArtMaze Mag / The Jealous Curator (3) / Creators Project / La boite verte  / The Jealous Curator (2)  / It's Nice That  / Beautiful/Decay Magazine  / This isn't happiness  / The Jealous Curator  / Boing Boing  / Creative Boom / The Weird Show  / Vizkultura  

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